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Welcome to Riparian Management Services

Riparian Management Services (RMS) was established in 2004 and is an environmental consultancy business specialising in river and wetland management. RMS operated in the Albury Wodonga area for several years before re-locating to the Northern Rivers district of NSW in 2014

Riparian Land: "Any land which adjoins, directly influences, or is influenced by a body of water"*

The management of riparian land is an important component of environmental management.  From small watercourses in the headwaters of a river to major estuary systems, our diverse riparian ecosystems support an array of life and provide many resources that sustain human society.  The need to manage our rivers with care has been recognised for a very long time as the following quote, taken from The Sydney Gazette of 9th October 1803, demonstrates.  Listed under “General Orders”, and in response to emerging river bank erosion problems caused by the over-clearing of bank-side vegetation, Governor King declared that:

“From the improvement method taken by the first settlers on the sides of the Hawksbury and creeks in cutting down timber and cultivating the banks, many acres of ground have been removed, lands inundated, houses, stacks of wheat, and stock washed away by former floods, which might have been prevented in some measure if the trees and other native plants had been suffered to remain, and instead of cutting down to have planted others to bind the soil of the banks closer, and render them less liable to be carried away by every inconsiderable flood …”

“As several settlers have been and are now fencing on the lower part of the Hawkesbury, along the Napean, South Creek, and George’s River, in situations where the above evil may be prevented, it is hereby directed that no settler or other person to whom ground is granted or leased on the sides of any river or creek where timber is now growing, do on any account cut down or destroy, by barking or otherwise, any tree or shrub growing within two rods [about 10 meters] of the edge of the bank, except for an opening one rod wide to have access to the water.”

Unfortunately, hardly anyone took any notice … (Click here to view the 9th October 1803 Sydney Gazette)

Our aim:

Riparian Management Services aims to combine the best available science, our experience and old-fashioned practicality to produce environmental rehabilitation plans and on-ground projects that really work for our customers.

*Definition taken from Price, P. & Lovett, S. (eds) 1999, Riparian Land Management Technical Guidelines, Volume Two.  LWRRDC, Canberra



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